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Are you interested in applying for the Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Food Challenge? Whether you have already developed an idea, established a group, or are still looking for group members, this event will be a great networking opportunity—no matter where you are in the application process.
Through this Networking Event, registered attendees will have the chance to discover new ideas, skills and resources by connecting with innovators across Canada. The goal of this event is to help Canadian innovators build strong groups and deliver applications with a competitive edge! 
Remember, this challenge is open to all Canadian innovators interested in seeing their novel food production technologies used to support long-term space missions, while also improving food accessibility across Canada. In order to achieve these goals, applicants will be challenged to develop new technologies or food production systems that require minimum inputs and optimize the production of healthy, nutritious and tasty foods, both in space and on Earth.

Bioenterprise Corporation, in collaboration with Zone Agtech, is inviting you to this unique networking event, on April 29th at 11:00am EST.

Register now for the Setting Up For Success Networking Event on April 29th here: https://bit.ly/2QgxnlZ