The Agtech Community organizes several networking events, innovation paths and targeted training courses, in order to support companies in their development, financing and marketing. These activities, some of which are reserved for members, are designed to promote and facilitate both the development and implementation of innovations in the agtech and plant bioproducts sector.

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In 2023, I am committed

In 2023, I am committed

2022 has been a remarkable year for the innovative agriculture and agri-food technology sector. From the intensification of research on the development of more sustainable crops to the adoption of new technologies, major developments have taken place towards achieving sustainable and resilient food autonomy, and the Agtech Zone, located in the MRC of L'Assomption near Montreal, has actively contributed to these advances in Quebec.

Recognized as the organization that federates and propels Quebec's agtech ecosystem, the Agtech Zone is propelling an innovation zone in agtech and plant bioproducts that foresees investments of more than $400 million and the regrouping of nearly 150 companies and organizations on the territory of the MRC of L'Assomption by 2026. She also leads the Quebec Agtech Community, which brings together an ecosystem of 200 companies, innovators, producers, scientists, investors and gas pedals who want to participate in the transition. To see the achievements to which it has contributed in 2022, follow this link.

Buoyed by the results the Agtech Zone has generated in recent years in improving the resilience and performance of tomorrow's food systems, we now know that the Agtech Zone can have a significant impact on the future. Whether you are a coach, mentor, entrepreneur, researcher, talent or major industry player, join us in 2023 and become part of one of Canada's most inspiring innovation zones that will leave an indelible mark for future generations.