The Zone Agtech offers 5 incubation, acceleration and corporate innovation programs annually. These are dedicated to startups and companies in the growth phase of the agtech and plant bioproducts sector, and to all mature companies that wish to develop ou acquire the best technologies and bioproducts to position themselves as pioneers in their industry.

Companies can also receive personalized services in business strategy, business law, commercialization strategy and project and company financing by benefiting from the services of the Zone Agtech's team of consultants and/or qualified experts and coaches, and benefit from networking services by becoming a member of the Quebec Agtech Community.

Innov'agtech program

This 16-week program, offered in collaboration with the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, aims to train management teams and innovation project leaders on the different steps and reflections required to ensure the success - from ideation to market transfer - of an innovation in the innovative agricultural technologies and plant bioproducts sector.


During the course, participating companies will benefit from 75 hours of training, workshops and practical tools to:

  • Understand and master the industry in which they wish to develop, as well as the potential markets, needs and behaviors of the customers who will use them;
  • Identify their strengths and areas for improvement that will influence the success of their project;
  • Identify and clarify the opportunities, constraints and threats in their industry that could accelerate or compromise their project;
  • Define their strategic vision and the short and medium term objectives they wish to achieve;
  • Identify the issues that could compromise their achievement, and the strategies to be used to address them;
  • Determine and prioritize the strategic axes to be pursued in 1, 3 and 5 year time frames;
  • Design and deploy a prioritized action plan, with practical and concrete tips and tricks.
  • In addition to the content offered by qualified UQTR professors, companies will have the opportunity to meet, discuss and test their idea in front of a "market" table, composed of potential users, and a "financing" table, composed of financing organizations from Quebec and Canada.


Participating companies will be able to benefit from the expertise and advice of :  

  • Carl Blanchet, Vice-President Innovation, Cascades
  • Simon Olivier, Senior Partner, BleuImpact
  • Caroline Forest, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Intelia Solutions
  • Christian Riopel, Supplier Development Manager, Sobeys
  • Hugues Foltz, Executive Vice-President, Vooban
  • Izmir Hernández, Innovation Advisor, Agricultural Innovation Expertise Network
  • Olivier Demers-Dubé, Project Director, Innovation Programs, Zone Agtech
  • Bryce Nagels, Senior Business Acceleration Advisor, Agtech Zone
  • Jacques Bertrand CPA, Ph.D., Associate Professor, UQTR - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • Guy Arcand, D.Sc, professor, UQTR
  • Claude St-Laurent, lawyer, UQTR
  • Marilou Cyr, General Manager, Zone Agtech


At the end of the program, the companies will also have the opportunity to present their project to potential partners and investors, and one of them will be awarded a $5,000 grant to support the development of its project in the MRC de L'Assomption.

Admission fee: $475 taxes included*.
Start of the cohort: January of each year



  • Develop a technology dedicated to increasing food autonomy, reducing the environmental impact of agriculture and adapting to climate change;
  • Have developed an entrepreneurial team or have experience in business or technology project management;
  • To pay an amount of $475 for the duration of the program (value of $4000 per company). 



The training and workshop program is offered over a period of 16 weeks and is generally held from early February to late May.



All member companies of the Quebec Agtech Community, powered by the Agtech Zone, can submit their application at the opening of the call for applications, generally announced in October of each year. If you wish to reserve your place for the next call for applications, write to us here.

For more information on the conditions of participation, please contact Nathalie Pentier, project manager at the following email address:


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