The Zone Agtech offers 5 incubation, acceleration and corporate innovation programs annually. These are dedicated to startups and companies in the growth phase of the agtech and plant bioproducts sector, and to all mature companies that wish to develop ou acquire the best technologies and bioproducts to position themselves as pioneers in their industry.

Companies can also receive personalized services in business strategy, business law, commercialization strategy and project and company financing by benefiting from the services of the Zone Agtech's team of consultants and/or qualified experts and coaches, and benefit from networking services by becoming a member of the Quebec Agtech Community.

Acceleration program

Companies in the pre-commercialization and growth phase (TRL 5 and above) are invited to continue the Cycle Momentum Acceleration Agtech Program, powered by the Zone Agtech. Offered in collaboration with the Clean Technology Accelerator Cycle Momentum, this program aims to propel the local and international commercialization phase of agtech and plant bioproducts companies hosted in the Zone Agtech.


  • Define the value of your proposition clearly and convincingly;
  • Assess, validate and improve your technological proposal (prototype) with a user (-trice) - partner;
  • Plan the commercialization of your innovation;
  • Create your organizational structure in an innovative way;
  • Develop your fundraising strategy so that it can be efficient and intelligent;
  • Present your project to a group of users, investors (venture capital and angel investors) and financial organizations.



  • Offer a solution that increases food autonomy or offers adaptation to climate change;
  • Be established in the Agtech Zone or commit to being established there at the end of the program;
  • Focus on the development of an innovative product or service that will reduce Quebec's carbon footprint;
  • Demonstrate that the product or service offered meets a market need and has attractive growth potential;
  • Be from a technology that does not infringe any intellectual property and is based on unique and defensible intellectual property. The company must also be the source of this intellectual property or hold the majority of the exploitation rights;
  • Being the leader of a business and being surrounded by an entrepreneurial team made up of at least one additional person.
  • Be motivated and commit to being available to participate in the program by devoting at least 5 to 8 hours per week;
  • Invest an amount of $ 750 in the program;
  • Have completed the program application which includes: a business plan-type questionnaire, a presentation of your project (pitch deck) and a short 90-second presentation video for your company (elevator pitch format) .



  • Programming of training and workshops in the following themes: Value proposition, Validation of the pilot project, Market analysis and control, Funding, Organizational culture, Implementation in the operational environment, Marketing and commercialization, Presentation of the product or technology in the Agtech and agricultural ecosystem, Personal development of the entrepreneur.
  • Networking workshops.
  • Validation of the pilot project in collaboration with a first-user.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Demonstration day in front of a group of investors and potential partners.
  • Promotion of your business and your solutions in Quebec and internationally.
  • Access to privileged activities as members of the Agtech Zone, such as technology transfer activities to the market.



The training and workshop program is offered over a period of 16 weeks.



Companies established or operating in the Zone Agtech can submit their application when the call for applications opens, generally announced in October of each year.

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