From Gaspé to Gatineau, via L'Assomption and St-Hyacinthe, there are hundreds of Quebec organizations that promote our sector here and internationally.

To highlight them, the Zone Agtech is proud to deploy the very first edition of the Agtech Innovation Grands Prix competition, which aims to highlight companies and organizations that make a significant contribution to the development and influence of solutions and clean innovative technologies to solve the challenges of the agricultural and agri-food sector and to increase our food autonomy.


To submit your application, complete the form under the category(ies) for which you wish to apply. Although you can apply to more than one category, note that an organization can only be a finalist, if selected, in one category.

A committee of 5 neutral organizations will evaluate the various applications and select the 3 finalists.


(valid for any category)

  1. The contest is reserved for organizations whose head office is in Quebec.
  2. The organizations must operate in the sector of innovative agricultural technologies and/or plant bioproducts or have contributed to their transfer to the market.
  3. Organizations must, through their solution or their actions, have a positive impact on at least one of the following aspects: increased food self-sufficiency, reduced environmental footprint of agriculture, adaptation to climate change



Quebec businesses and organizations are invited to apply for one or more of the following categories :

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The EXCEPTIONAL START-UP AWARD aims to highlight the exceptional impact, results, and contribution of a young company in increasing the province's food autonomy, reducing the environmental impact, or adapting to climate change of farming.

To be eligible for this category, the company must have been in business for a maximum of 5 years, hold the intellectual property of its solution, have completed the implementation / scaling up of at least one product unit and be able to assess the impact of its solution, to date, on food self-sufficiency, reduction of environmental impact or adaptation to climate change in agriculture.

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The CHIEF INNOVATOR AWARD aims to highlight the creativity and genius of a Quebec company that stands out for the technological advancement of its solution, its distinction from other technologies available in Quebec and its relevance in relation to the challenges to be solved for the food of tomorrow.

Companies eligible for this category offer an innovative solution to support the emergence of more sustainable and resilient agriculture in the face of the challenges of today and tomorrow. They must hold the intellectual property of their solutions and have an impact in Quebec. Companies of any stage of maturity can apply.

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The USER OF THE YEAR award recognizes the fundamental role of an agricultural, agri-food or industrial business or organization in the integration and transfer to the market of innovative agricultural technologies and solutions in Quebec.

To be eligible, organizations or companies must have carried out one or several of the following actions: have participated in the integration of an innovative agricultural technology or solution and/or have contributed significantly to its normalization and influence in the agricultural and agri-food sector.

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The EMERGING RESEARCH AWARD highlights the excellence of the research work in the field of Agtech or plant bioproducts by a researcher or a group of researchers. The visibility of its work and its actions in the field will be analyzed.